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tuesday, january 01, 2008
busy season

Surprisingly, the holiday season was busy, busy, busy ... for shooting new stuff. Who would have thought?

First, as I mentioned earlier, I got to work with Nikki Crome of Crome Cre8ive out of Chicago and model Ami S from Georgia. They came to the "dungeon" and transformed it into a surreal nesting place for Ami, who was about four months pregnant at the time.

I was going to get those shots up when I had to opportunity to go to Toledo for a shoot between Christmas and New Year's. Surprise, that shoot didn't happen, but I crashed Boyd's CAC shoot and was rewarded by several wonderful young ladies who wanted to shoot.

Now, I have two (or maybe more) new sets that need attention. The bad news is they're not ready for prime time yet. The good news is that they're coming along nicely, so I hope to have at least one of them completed this weekend.

BTW, the new look of the site has apparently attracted some folks to come and visit more often, so that's a great thing. And a few supporters have even ordered some custom prints (not the sizes listed on the site). So, just a reminder: If you want something, don't be afraid to ask. That's called a commission in the art world, and commissions are good!

Happy New Year to all you kind folks.

P.S. ... Check out "toledo serendipity" for the latest set, posted this week.


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