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saturday, august 02, 2008
some shoots, at long last (updated 8/31)

I said I would post the folks who have set up shoots with me.

Well, after a long recuperation period from surgery, I've managed to get some things going.

First, there's Janay coming in tomorrow to do a few tests. She's a local gal, just getting her feet wet.

Then, we have Kendra on tap for a shoot at Brushwood, the site of many a pagan festival. The former farm is a great location for outdoor figure work. We're planning the shoot for Aug. 23.

Next, there's Rev, another relative newcomer. We're to shoot near Cincy. That's on Aug. 25. And Catlynn is just added for Aug. 26 in the Cincy area. Now, Lesa is planning on shooting Aug. 26.

Rose, a cute gamer girl, says she's coming in Sept. 6.

And in mid-September, Leigh is coming in from Maryland for a day's worth of shooting. With luck, we'll find her a "partner in crime," so the shoot will be even more memorable.

That's the bookings list so far. We'll let you know how things come out, and post some images for your perusal.


It didn't take long for the first disappearing act. Janay had scheduled a 5 p.m. shoot for today (8/3/8). Here it is nearly 7:30 p.m. and there's been no word from her.

Kendra's shoot has been postponed.

Finally, shoots! Rev Arielle, Catlyn and Lesa all showed up and threw themselves into shooting. Fact is, two of the three were too hot for femmefete, and the other (Rev Arielle) wanted to go in a more strongly fetish direction. So... You will soon see the results on our sister site, http://www.femmexotique.com/.

Rose had to postpone her trip.

Leigh, on the other hand, has already booked a hotel room.


Meanwhile, two old friends reappeared after a time away from modeling. The visit to Virginia produced some lovely images and a great time catching up with two wonderful women.

And Alli(sin) found me on Model Mayhem, scheduled a shoot for the next weekend and appears in her own portfolio here.

All in all, the past couple of months reaffirmed why shooting photos is so rewarding.







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