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monday, december 15, 2008

Things always seem to slow down in the colder months, and this year is no different.

Yet, there have been some significant new shoots and some plans made for others.

Alli(sin) is a wonderful young lady here in Ohio who has a serious love for wax and a lot of other fetishy things. Her goth appearance (the blue hair might be a giveaway) and statuesque beauty produce a heady combination.

Model T from Philadelphis is planning a visit to the area in February. She has fallen in love with rope, so it only stand to reason that she'll want some of those pictures during her set.

Soon, we'll be updating the material for sale, so people who want specific prints will have more options. In the meantime, if any of the images strikes your fancy, feel free to contact us directly for purchase possibilities. Even though the direct purchases are handled through Pay Pal, there's nothing that says it's the only option.


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