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wednesday, february 25, 2009
here's a challenge

Since August of last year, I've scheduled the following shoots.

During that time, I've shot with models from Cincinnati, Indiana, Maryland, Pittsburgh, Virginia, Philadelphia and even Miami. But not one model from Northeast Ohio has showed up at the appointed time.

How is it that all these models from all over the country are finding a way to shoot, when local models make appointments and then flake? Don't get me wrong. I love shooting with all the ladies who have come to pose. They're a real inspiration. Maybe I'm just a bit greedy. I'm thinking it would be wonderful to discover a muse right near home. But I can't do that if the models don't bother to show.

Maybe one day I'll figure this out. But for the record, here's that list:

The schedule:
Aug. 3, 2008: Janay MM 749968 from Youngstown (no show)
Aug. 23, 2008: Kendra at Brushwood (postponed)
Aug. 25, 2008: Rev Arielle in Cincy area (samples avail.)
Aug. 26, 2008: Catlynn in Cincy area (samples avail.)
Aug. 26, 2008: Lesa from Cincy area (sample avail.)
Sept. 6, 2008: Rose from Indiana (postponed)
Sept. 13, 2008: Leigh from Maryland (sample available; great lady to work with)
Sept. 27, 2008: Stephanie from Pittsburgh (samples available; new, but fun model)
Oct. 12, 2008: Elkie Cooper (delightful to see this lady again; samples up)
Oct. 12, 2008: Meghann Kelda (yet another delightful reunion; samples up)
Nov. 8, 2008: Allison from Wooster (samples available)
Jan. 15, 2009: Azucar from Miami (shot in Pittsburgh; samples avail.)
Feb. 21, 2009: Model T from Philly area (samples available)
Feb. 25, 2009: Shannon from Austintown, 1043162 (no show)
March 31, 2009: Anne of Ohio (return engagement)
April 4, 2009: Leigh (return engagement)


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