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tuesday, april 28, 2009
new stuff ... not so much

Just when it looked as if I'd be getting folks a new batch of material from the Southwest, three of the four shoots scheduled took a turn for the worse. One model had to cancel a trip to Tucson because of illness in the family. She politely offered as much warning as she could. Somehow, you don't expect her to abandon somebody in CICU for a shoot two hours away.

The other models, however, did their part by simply not answering their phones. Jessica and Kaylee, both lovely ladies who would have made terrific additions to femmefete.com, simply vanished rather than having the nerve to say that something had come up.

Sigh. Back to Ohio in a few days. I still have one shoot scheduled here later today. With any luck, you'll see bits of a pregnancy shoot that'll be artsy and fun. Stay tuned.

(edit) Yep, Dark Desire showed up, swollen belly and all. We had lots of fun, shooting a variety of pictures, from mild to wild. Look for updates soon.


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