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friday, november 09, 2007
a new chapter for femmefete

This is the latest incarnation of femmefete.com, and it's something different indeed.

There are options for direct purchase of images, there are more and bigger images available to view online, and the look is different.

Oh, yeah, and we have a blog, where you can post your own comments. Here's hoping you enjoy the new features of femmefete, and that you also continue to enjoy the photographs of amazing women that we feature.

The blog is an experiment. Frankly, we have no intention of policing this thing every minute of the day, so if inappropriate material starts showing up, we'll simply delete this page. Most people know how to behave, and we're thinking that anybody who gets this far probably has enough class to act appropriately.

Thanks for stopping by. Play nice, and we'll keep this open!


11/09/2007 - Jack Cutler

Super site very bold images. Wishing you all the best Success! Jack

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