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One model had to cancel a trip to Tucson because of illness in the family. She politely offered as much warning as she could. Somehow, you don't expect her to abandon somebody in CICU for a shoot two hours away.</p><p>The other models, however, did their part by simply not answering their phones. Jessica and Kaylee, both lovely ladies who would have made terrific additions to femmefete.com, simply vanished rather than having the nerve to say that something had come up.</p><p>Sigh. Back to Ohio in a few days. I still have one shoot scheduled here later today. With any luck, you'll see bits of a pregnancy shoot that'll be artsy and fun. Stay tuned.</p><p>(edit) Yep, Dark Desire showed up, swollen belly and all. We had lots of fun, shooting a variety of pictures, from mild to wild. Look for updates soon.</p> Tue, 28 Apr 2009 09:06:55 EST http://www.femmefete.com/page4487.htm?blog=2364?blog=2364 here's a challenge http://www.femmefete.com/page4487.htm?blog=2119 <p>Since August of last year, I've scheduled the following shoots. </p><p>During that time, I've shot with models from Cincinnati, Indiana, Maryland, Pittsburgh, Virginia, Philadelphia and even Miami. But not one model from Northeast Ohio has showed up at the appointed time. </p><p>How is it that all these models from all over the country are finding a way to shoot, when local models make appointments and then flake? Don't get me wrong. I love shooting with all the ladies who have come to pose. They're a real inspiration. Maybe I'm just a bit greedy. I'm thinking it would be wonderful to discover a muse right near home. But I can't do that if the models don't bother to show.</p><p>Maybe one day I'll figure this out. But for the record, here's that list:</p><p><strong>The schedule:<br /></strong>Aug. 3, 2008: Janay MM 749968 from Youngstown (no show)<br />Aug. 23, 2008: Kendra at Brushwood (postponed)<br />Aug. 25, 2008: Rev Arielle in Cincy area (samples avail.)<br />Aug. 26, 2008: Catlynn in Cincy area (samples avail.)<br />Aug. 26, 2008: Lesa from Cincy area (sample avail.)<br />Sept. 6, 2008: Rose from Indiana (postponed)<br />Sept. 13, 2008: Leigh from Maryland (sample available; great lady to work with)<br />Sept. 27, 2008: Stephanie from Pittsburgh (samples available; new, but fun model)<br />Oct. 12, 2008: Elkie Cooper (delightful to see this lady again; samples up)<br />Oct. 12, 2008: Meghann Kelda (yet another delightful reunion; samples up)<br />Nov. 8, 2008: Allison from Wooster (samples available)<br />Jan. 15, 2009: Azucar from Miami (shot in Pittsburgh; samples avail.)<br />Feb. 21, 2009: Model T from Philly area (samples available)<br />Feb. 25, 2009: Shannon from Austintown, 1043162 (no show)<br />March 31, 2009: Anne of Ohio (return engagement)<br />April 4, 2009: Leigh (return engagement)<br />&nbsp;</p> Wed, 25 Feb 2009 03:27:08 EST http://www.femmefete.com/page4487.htm?blog=2119?blog=2119 a little busy-ness http://www.femmefete.com/page4487.htm?blog=2059 <p>There's going to be one major shoot during February, when Model T comes to town, but the rest of the month is being spent in retooling much of the studio in hopes of spring coming a little early to this frozen piece of real estate.</p><p>Still, if somebody wants to shoot, we'll always have an area open for those special moments you want to savor. </p><p>The site has become almost as much about providing shoots for people as it has generating new work for visitors to enjoy. </p><p>And it's time now for the next step, as we move into more publishing ventures, as well as artistic explorations.</p><p>Have an idea? Give us a shout.</p> Fri, 06 Feb 2009 04:42:45 EST http://www.femmefete.com/page4487.htm?blog=2059?blog=2059 hoidaze http://www.femmefete.com/page4487.htm?blog=1930 <p>Things always seem to slow down in the colder months, and this year is no different.</p><p>Yet, there have been some significant new shoots and some plans made for others.</p><p>Alli(sin) is a wonderful young lady here in Ohio who has a serious love for wax and a lot of other fetishy things. Her goth appearance (the blue hair might be a giveaway) and statuesque beauty produce a heady combination.</p><p>Model T from Philadelphis is planning a visit to the area in February. She has fallen in love with rope, so it only stand to reason that she'll want some of those pictures during her set.</p><p>Soon, we'll be updating the material for sale, so people who want specific prints will have more options. In the meantime, if any of the images strikes your fancy, feel free to contact us directly for purchase possibilities. Even though the direct purchases are handled through Pay Pal, there's nothing that says it's the only option.</p> Mon, 15 Dec 2008 01:33:16 EST http://www.femmefete.com/page4487.htm?blog=1930?blog=1930 a year in the making http://www.femmefete.com/page4487.htm?blog=1795 <p>It's hard to believe that this site has been up for a year in its present configuration. </p><p>People have been really kind in their response. And, surprisingly, there have been some new models and some old friends who surfaced recently.</p><p>In the &quot;virginia visit&quot; portfolio, we have a chance to see new work from Elkie Cooper and from Meghann. Both of them are returning to modeling after a hiatus. And both are as lovely as ever. </p><p>And in the alli(sin) port, you'll see a new Ohio model, who also goes by Absinthia on Model Mayhem. She found me on there and came up the next weekend for a shoot. </p><p>Coming soon: Some shots of Leigh, a wonderful lady from Maryland. She's 64 years old and has some amazing tattoos, not to mention a grand spirit. </p><p>Here's hoping folks continue to enjoy the site, and models keep on finding me. </p> Mon, 10 Nov 2008 10:18:53 EST http://www.femmefete.com/page4487.htm?blog=1795?blog=1795 something to brag about http://www.femmefete.com/page4487.htm?blog=1555 <p>The kind folks at vanishingtattoo.com have posted a rather lengthy article about erotic tats. </p><p>You can find it here: <a href="http://vanishingtattoo.com/erotic_tattoos.htm">vanishingtattoo.com/erotic_tattoos.htm</a> </p><p>The article offers a number of points of view on what makes tats sexy, hot, erotic. And it features a number of femmefete or femmeXotique photos. Enjoy.</p> Wed, 13 Aug 2008 09:15:45 EST http://www.femmefete.com/page4487.htm?blog=1555?blog=1555 some shoots, at long last (updated 8/31) http://www.femmefete.com/page4487.htm?blog=1530 <p>I said I would post the folks who have set up shoots with me.</p><p>Well, after a long recuperation period from surgery, I've managed to get some things going.</p><p>First, there's Janay coming in tomorrow to do a few tests. She's a local gal, just getting her feet wet.</p><p>Then, we have Kendra on tap for a shoot at Brushwood, the site of many a pagan festival. The former farm is a great location for outdoor figure work. We're planning the shoot for Aug. 23.</p><p>Next, there's Rev, another relative newcomer. We're to shoot near Cincy. That's on Aug. 25. And Catlynn is just added for Aug. 26 in the Cincy area. Now, Lesa is planning on shooting Aug. 26.</p><p>Rose, a cute gamer girl, says she's coming in Sept. 6.</p><p>And in mid-September, Leigh is coming in from Maryland for a day's worth of shooting. With luck, we'll find her a &quot;partner in crime,&quot; so the shoot will be even more memorable.</p><p>That's the bookings list so far. We'll let you know how things come out, and post some images for your perusal.</p><p>____________________________________________________</p><p>It didn't take long for the first disappearing act. Janay had scheduled a 5 p.m. shoot for today (8/3/8). Here it is nearly 7:30 p.m. and there's been no word from her.</p><p>Kendra's shoot has been postponed.</p><p>Finally, shoots! Rev Arielle, Catlyn and Lesa all showed up and threw themselves into shooting. Fact is, two of the three were too hot for femmefete, and the other (Rev Arielle) wanted to go in a more strongly fetish direction. So... You will soon see the results on our sister site, http://www.femmexotique.com/.</p><p>Rose had to postpone her trip.</p><p>Leigh, on the other hand, has already booked a hotel room.</p><p>__________________________________________________</p><p>Meanwhile, two old friends reappeared after a time away from modeling. The visit to Virginia produced some lovely images and a great time catching up with two wonderful women.</p><p>And Alli(sin) found me on Model Mayhem, scheduled a shoot for the next weekend and appears in her own portfolio here.</p><p>All in all, the past couple of months reaffirmed why shooting photos is so rewarding.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>____________________________________________________</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Sat, 02 Aug 2008 11:17:41 EST http://www.femmefete.com/page4487.htm?blog=1530?blog=1530 been a long, long, long time... http://www.femmefete.com/page4487.htm?blog=1389 <p>Getting old is not for the faint of heart!</p><p>Because of a number of health problems, I haven't been updating here very often. With luck, that can start to change in the coming weeks.</p><p>There are new pictures of a girl named &quot;Invisible Skittle.&quot; She's a total gas, stands about 6-1 and just loves to explore her options. I also need to share some images of Mia and Ali. Plus, there are thousands of things just clamoring to get out of the archives.</p><p>Also, my show &quot;Skin Deep&quot; at the Butler Institute of American Art is scheduled to stay up through mid July. There are 13 prints on the wall and 30 images in an electronic show.</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Sat, 31 May 2008 09:43:43 EST http://www.femmefete.com/page4487.htm?blog=1389?blog=1389 where there's hope http://www.femmefete.com/page4487.htm?blog=1141 That lovely lady, Hope from Maine, came by again. It's always a delight to see here. There are a few shots from our work in the &quot;just figures&quot; section of the site.<br /><br />Besides being a models, Hope is also a musician and a dancer. If you get the chance to have her visit your area, you'll be in for a treat. Tue, 19 Feb 2008 07:25:44 EST http://www.femmefete.com/page4487.htm?blog=1141?blog=1141